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keerthiymbbs04 12 months ago in SitePal Gold • updated by Gil Sideman 4 weeks ago 6

Create your own avatar loads 99% and then freezes and never loads, I tried multiple times...

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We've seen this issue before - try logging out & then clear your browser cache, here's how -


Then try again. Or try a different browser.

Let me know,




I have a similar problem. My SitePal Editor is frozen on the message "Processing Audio". So I can't edit my avatar's audio and it is urgent! I've already sent you 2 e-mails on October 24th but got no answers until now (October 27th).

I also cleared my browser cache and tried different browsers too. But the Editor is frozen still.

Hi -

did you try clearing yourbrowser's cache and cookies? (see below previous response)

btw - when you sent us 2 emails - which email address did you send them to? knowing will help us improve our responsiveness.


Yes, I already did it!

It's still not saving any tts!!! Help me, please!


I have the similar problem. My SitePal Editos is frozen at 99%. I have already cleared my browser's cache and cookies (mozilla) and already tried another browser (explorer) and I'm not able to fix it.

Please, I need your help. It's for my final thesis!!!

Hi Maria - 

We can't recreate the problem... 

In the past users who reported this problem were able to resolve by clearing their cache and cookies.

Please try.