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haha did u receive the email, i now do get the error: Audio Requires User Input AbortError: The play() request was interrupted by a new load request.!!! and Audio Requires User Input TypeError: Cannot read property 'src' of null--Error!!!

Ive nvr seen this, is this new? What did i do wrong? Thanks!

Hi Gil, i have just sent u the test link in an email to Do let me know if you have issues. thank you so much. I am using  sayText(msg,3,1,3) and { sayText(msg,5,1,3). the text input u can see in the test link i have just sent to that email address. I have asked it to be forwarded to GIl sideman

Hi Gil,

Thank you!! sayText works 70% of the time. 30% of the times, it raises the error: "header Err does != 'ID3' --Error!!!". Why does this occur and what should i do to work around it.

hi thank you very much for ur comprehensive support.

Im currently trying to make sayText to be called on component load (after the scene has finished loading). Right now i can only trigger sayText with a click by the code, <a href="javascript:sayText('May I show you what i can do? i would like to help you with several tasks today. First what',3,1,3);">Click here to say something!</a> . I have looked at the saytext example given by but the demo for sayText on load doesnt seem to work :(. How exactly do you make this <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function vh_slideBegin(sceneNumber){ sayText("Welcome to my website!",1,1,1); } </SCRIPT> work for the react example you have provided. i get the error "sayText is not defined"

Any idea or code snippets on how i can make sayText to be called when component is rendered after the sitepal scene has loaded? haha how do you call the 'sayText' api function in the render function of react component without clicking a href tag?

I have done a and b. My avatart loads and i am able to call sayText when clicked. however i want sayText to be called when my component renders (this is after scene loads)

hello Gil! thank you! yes i managed to get the avatar on my reactJS app following ur example. in the example, TTS is called when u click "Click here to say something". Do u have an example whereby sayText is called upon without clicking the text "Click here to say something" and called upon rendering of a new component.

Also, When the avatar loads, the first thing it says is "welcome to our website. take a look....". I did not call this function or audio anywhere in my app. is this a default audio of the avaratar? how do i disable it. Thank you!

Hi is there an update on this? im trying to make sitepal work with reactJS