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We are presenting at a conference mid June, and would really like to show off the latest Avatar running outside of flash. The attendee's will be using iPad's and right now we show a blank on that platform. Any likelihood we could do something here?
Gill - just going back to your point regarding the full body characters. From a UX design perspective we will need to stick with the head and shoulders. For bandwidth and platform support reasons, we have had to provide a switchable option to dialog / bubble help for our product. This means when we cannot serve the Avatar, or, when the user doesnt want the avatar, they get a dialog similar to SMS texts.
Thanks for the update Gil. It is already looking good. Any clue as to timescales (besides order)? Are we talking summer / fall 2014 or later?

We integrated the Flash version but have been pulling it out as we see Flash support issues with our clients. If the timelines fit, we will continue to push the Avatar as our preferred support tool for end-users.
The problem manifested itself at 2 pharmaceutical company offices. On both occasions our page containing the avatar refused to load with a javascript error pointing towards oddcast - this was on the clients presentation computer. It is difficult for us to re-create the error as we were in a demo situation. Switching outside the corporate network resolved the issue. It could be a whitelisting issue, but I suspect it is more the fact that our site jumped domains to pull JSS. We had a similar issue with Google Maps. We managed to work around the google maps issue with a change to a server side call.
Any news on this topic? I am also suffering the same issue. Have tried, also tried using an alternative port (8888) and tried using no-ip service. All don't work as far as I can tell. I need this capability to be able to demo a local development version.