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Thanks for the prompt and precise replies. Yes your answers helps.

I disabled the flash player in Google Chrome on Windows 8 and it gave me a message to "get Adobe Flash Player" (instead of switching to the HTML5 version).

Is this behavior expected in a final release?

Great stuff Gil. For our purpose, we need the full interactivity on all popular platforms (video solution is not an option).

#1- Will the upcoming HTML5 version support custom 3D characters out of the box? (How hard is it to build a custom head+shoulder character?)

#2- Will the solution (flash+HTML5) support transparent background? (seeing the web page behind) -- (I assume yes).

#3- We have other multimedia elements on our website and I am trying to see how it will "blend" with your stuff. What "HTML5" technologies are you targeting? (WebGL? pure Canvas? WebAudio API? audio element?)