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Hi Gil,

Thanks for the reply. Yup the video is not being generated at all. I create an avatar 2 weeks ago and I still can't access that on the mobile. 
I have been talking to Sumit in your support team. He was suppose to update me on the status of  the issue yesterday but I did not receive any email. Can you please update me on the status of the issue 

Hi Sumit,
Thanks for the reply.
We have more than 100,000 instances of the same avatar playing different texts. All I wanted to know was, is there a way of adding some text to that video so all the 100,000 avatars videos work on the phone.


​I am trying to implement the text to speak alternative on mobile devices. I understand that the avatar will not work on the mobile device and will be converted into a video which would then be played on the device. The problem I am facing is the video does not have any text. I am using the Javascript API to set the text which the avatar speaks.

​My question is how can i add text to the avatar video ?

​P.S. I have multiple avatars on a page.