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Hmmm....    I think maybe we have an issue:

I have now encapsulated my web page into an Android app.

I.e., inside the app, I have among others a WebView connected to

(FYI: I run from Visual Studio Xamarin using my Samsung S8+ as Live Player).

Now, SitePal (inside my my Android app) wont auto-play.

Also, I get play-button automatically.  This should only happen on my mobile when I am running SitePal within a web browser on the mobile.  Not when I am running Sitepal inside a WebView inside an app.


Best, Bjorn

Working.  Great, thanks a lot.

Not perfect, but far better.

Have a nice day.  :-)



Dear Gil,

Thanks for good follow-up.

I did a new "Publish Scene" and deployed the avatar to in order to test the always-on play button on mobile browsing.  But, when running on my Android Samsung S8+, I do not get a play button immediately.

Actually, things have got worse, I now do not get a play button even if I finger-press the avatar.

So, looks like you touched the right code but got a wrong value on a boolean variable or something.


Please feel free to go to in order to test.  Including looking at the page source code.

FYI: Running on desktop shows no change - as intended.



Hi Gil and thanks for your on-target answers,

A) AUTOPLAY IN APP:  You say an app may do as it likes.  May also an "HTML-app" do as it likes?  I.e. an app that simply encapsulates a (mobile adjusted) web page.
I certainly hope this is the case.  I am currently no expert on this, but I think the standard technical way here is that the app opens an "app-specific" browser.  So, hopefully, this "app-specific" browser has full rights, including SitePal auto-play?

B) AUTOPLAY IN WEB PAGE SET/DOMAIN: Unfortunatively, it seems as if "interact-before-SitePal-plays" also applies to other pages within same domain.  E.g., after having interacted with, then pressing, I have to interact again with the "fullbody.html" page before SitePal run, even if the latter page is part of the same domain as the first page.  Even a reload on the same page forces a new interaction to take place before SitePal runs.       Correct / comments on this?

C) MULTIPLE PLAY PRESSES: Yes, on the page, I only have to press "CLICK ME" once on my Samsung S8+.

But please test the super-simple web page

As desktop web page, auto play works, and the speak button reacts immeditatively.

But on mobile, I have to press 3 times on the avatar on my Samsung S8 to start talk.

I have to press twice on the speak button to start talk.

Question 4: Good - always visible will be much better on mobile web browser..