Voice speed control

andrechilano 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 1
Can I have control of the voice speed? Since im making a mix of sitepal scene with a screen video program to explain my site, I would like to sincronize the speech with demonstrations.
speed voice and video
Andre -
Are you using TTS or pre-recorded voice?

You have limited (not precise) control of the audio speed by using our "audio effects". One of the available effects controls playback speed.
This will work for both TTS and pre-recorded audio - but it is not very precise. Worth trying.

With TTS audio you also have the option of using SSML tags.

Checkout appendix B in the API documentation for a list of tags supported by SitePal. Certain tags control speech rate (speed). You may be able to achieve more precise control.

Hope this helps
SitePal Team