Eye lid wonky on left side.

KarleighBon 5 years ago updated by Gil Sideman 5 years ago 13

I have redone the model at least eight times and each time the round eyelid on the left side eye shows up too close to the nose. (left side as you are looking at the model) I am a returning customer and have always used this same model artwork and have seen it perfect before. Why is the left lid so round? Can you fix this? 

Under review


Can you please send  note to support with more info to allow us to take a closer look?

I assume from your description that you are using the Photoface 3D feature to create your own model from a photo?

Please send us the photo, and include a screenshot of the result you are seeing where the left eyelid problem is visible.

We'll see what we can do.



Just to make it clear, I did try to move the X marker in several different placements. The eye on the right looks/moves fine. This is posted on my bot.karleighbon.com index page

Karleigh - can you please email the original image to support@sitepal.com - and include your account login email - so we can identify your account?

Add a link to this thread and ask it be forwarded to me.



Please let me know when email is sent to support - I will follow up with them.

I received e-mail with the eye fixed. It did look good! and he said he would put it in my list. I still have not seen it in the list.


Our support team inquired whether the character we created for you was good, and whether to add it to your list.

They have been awaiting your reply before taking further action.

I answered you two days ago. 

Thank you for your help! You guys are great. Turns out my picture was too high res. That's why the eye was wonky. Mystery solved.