eBay publishing questions.

dforce1 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 1
When I publish to eBay, is there a way to control the time at which the message begins and at how long charactor stays before it disappears. I want the customer to start reading a little once on site before character appears an for the character to leave once the voice message is finished. When I publish to eBay it never asks these set up questions. What can I do.


Hi -
Unfortunately ebay does not allow JavaScript in their pages, which limits what we can do to allow you to control the character in the auction page. Therefore it is not possible to implement a "delayed appearance" of the character.

What you can do - is use the Scene Settings to turn off "playback on load" and have the character speak only when clicked. That will work. I would also suggest using one of our "YouTube like" players to encourage folks to click on the character.

Hope this helps. Regards
SitePal Team