How to add 3D character using AS2?

Melvin Williams 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 1
Feedback from my webmaster-

AS3 and AS2 are the two different levels of Actionscript that are available. Your Flash site is encoded with AS2. I am using Dreamweaver, but that would have nothing to do with this problem. As you see when you go to your Contact page on your site you will see the Site Pal logo and the preloader just spinning. It does that same thing if you login to your Site Pal account and go to the Scene and click on 'Publish' and then in the panel on the right, set it to AS2 and then click 'Preview' and it just does the exact same thing. SO, it seams it's a problem with Sitepal.
Hi Melvin -

Our 3D characters require AS3 and are not supported by the AS2 embed code.

AS2 embed code, used for embedding in Flash, is provided for backwards compatibility. But the AS2 language is missing the features required for rendering 3D, which is why our newer 3D characters require AS3.

We try to make this clear - when you select AS2, see the notice displayed.

Regardless, the "preview" button in the embed dialog seems to be broken. We are looking into it - but it does not affect your ability to successfully publish your Scene.

Hope this helps,

SitePal Team