Highlightening of the text which are being read by TTS

Winstone Choi 10 years ago updated by Gil 10 years ago 1
The other day, I made a question on Highlight functionality and you gave me an answer. But your answer just led me to "scrolling functionality." What I want is not scrolling, but highlightening of the text which are being read by the TTS. Please see the link site for your reference.


If you click the speaker icon shown on the left upper corner, the texts will be highlighted while TTS read them.

If your TTS can privide this funtionality, please kindly let me know how to implement on our webpage.


please reply to akswinstone@naver.com
Winstone -

The TTS API allows you to synchronize display with audio playback. By providing you with synchronized callbacks - it allows your application to display whatever is appropriate for your needs - i.e. you may scroll the text horizontally, vertically, highlight it in colors, display a bouncing ball, magnify the words as they are being read etc....

In other words, speaking the text is up to us, displaying it (or not) is up to your application.

The "scrolling" example that we provide showcases the ability to synchronize audio playback with a corresponding display of the text being read. Adapting it to display the text in a different manner (i.e. highlight) should not be hard.

Hope this helps,