Decreasing the interval between sayaudio events.

ryan 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 5
Is there any way to decrease the pause time between sayaudio events? Please tell me there is :)
Ryan -
Yes, you can preload the audios.

I assume you are looking to string together several audios for continous playback.
check out the "loadAudio" API function.

See support example here -

See also related post here -

Hope this helps,
Hi Gil,

I've seen those examples. I've gotten the audio segments to play in succession. But there is too long an interval between the segments and I'm not sure how to use the load audio command. In the example page, there is a link to click that pulls up the alert saying that the audio is loaded. I'm not sure how that actually applies. What I need to do is load all the audios so the pause between them barely exists. Is there a simple way to do this? I am not a programmer and am not very good at this.
Ryan -
you would need to use loadaudio to load all audio segments in advance of playback.
once you receive confirmation that all audios have been loaded, go ahead and start the playback sequence. The pause between audios should be minimal.
But a confirmation that the audios have been loaded doesn't work for the site I'm working on. The end user doesn't need to know the audios have been loaded.
The end user does not need to know. The alert you see in the technical example is meant to demonstrate the completion of this otherwise invisible event.

You would replace the alert with a counter noting the number of audios loaded. When all audios have been loaded your playback would commence.
Hope this makes sense,