Getting Started

Jeff Bean 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 1
Hi there - I am new to sitepal and have the 15 day trial. I am following the Manual Guide and it talks about clicking shows to get started. There is no 'shows' tab on my screen.

What do I press first to get started, please? When I click new scene it takes ages to load and never actually lets me in. Can some one help?
Jeff -
Sorry you are having difficulty - seems the documentation needs to be more clear.
We will definitely look into that.

To edit any of your SitePal Scenes you need to click on the thumbnail in the Scene list. You should see a popup window open with the Scene editor, allowing you to update your Scene.

From your note I gather it takes a bit of time for the editor to open. That's not unusual - please allow up to 30 sec for the editor to load.

Hope this helps - if this did not answer your question or you still see a problem - please let me know.

SitePal Team