I need the Voice ID of the new voices

Shadowl0rd 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 3
I need the voice family ID, language ID, Voice ID for:
Leonor (Spanish Castilian)
Esperanza (Spanish Mexican)

I have check the Api reference PDF but I cant find those voices.
Leonor -
Engine ID = 2
Lang id = 2
Voice id = 9

Esperanza (Spanish Mexican)
Engine ID = 2
Lang id = 2
Voice id = 5

hope this helps
SitePal Team

ps. these voices are documented in the api reference.
Thanks a lot!.. for some reason I had a very old API reference PDF (year 2008)... I dont know what link I have follow for that PDF, maybe a link inside another pdf.

I have check the new PDF and I have found everything i need. Thanks a lot.

Always look at the API Reference doc on our support page.
the document is frequently updated.