How can I publish a SitePal to YouTube?

Mark Ohlhaver 13 years ago updated by Gary 13 years ago 2
I use the avatars on a regular basis as a webpage and blog based lead generation tool and would like to be able to post my clips as a file to my YouTube account. What is the best way to do that?
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Hi Mark!

We're glad you're using SitePal on your blog and website to generate leads!

As you know, SitePal is a subscription-based service which monitors the playback of SitePal scenes. With a standard video file, there's no simple way to monitor that usage. We don't currently offer a publishing tool for YouTube. Having said that, there are a couple of options:

1. The most common solution is SitePal's video export function, which would enable you to export a scene as a video file. You could then use the video file anywhere, including on your site. If you're interested in video export, feel free to contact our Sales team.

2. You can also consider a program that records video from your desktop. One example is Screen Jelly (we're not affiliated with them).

I hope that answers your question!

Good luck.
can you publish to you tube?

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