Can I download my avatar and convert it to video file?

ebaycougar 12 years ago updated by Giancarlo 7 years ago 12
I want to create a video of my avatar and be able to send it to friends using the bluetooth on my mobile. Can this be done?
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Hi ebaycougar,

If your goal is to share your SitePal scene with others - especially on mobile devices - there is an easier way than to send the video via Bluetooth.

Sending a video via Bluetooth can be a time-consuming task, and you can only share the video with those within the Bluetooth range of your device (not more than 20 ft or so).

Instead, we recommend creating your SitePal scene, embedding it in a Web page, and sending your friends the link.

This way, your friends will be able to view the SitePal scene on a mobile device without the need to transfer a video file via Bluetooth, and there will be no distance restrictions!

You can learn more about SitePal Mobile Playback here: http://community.sitepal.com/sitepal/...

Please let us know if you have additional questions.
Thanks for your help but it doesnt solve my problem, I want people to be able to pass the video to friends. The suggestion you make relys on everyone having access to the internet to play my video. Is there a way it can be converted to a standard avi/mp4?
Hi again,

Yes, exporting to video is an option. This feature can be purchased as an add-on based on how many minutes of video export time you need. If you are interested in finding out more about video export, please email the team at sales@sitepal.com. Let them know what your needs are and they will reply promptly.
Why is it so secret? I just want to export 1 video approx 2 min long. Other sites are upfront about the cost, I dont want to get hit with unexpected charges
Hi ebaycougar,

SitePal is a subscription service that is based on stream usage. Since we host the avatar scenes, we are able to both monitor stream usage, and allow our customers to make instant, and unlimited, edits and updated to their scenes.

If a SitePal scene is exported to video, it is no longer on our servers, and it is not monitored as part of the subscription. That is why video export is not a standard feature in the SitePal subscriptions found on www.sitepal.com.

Certain high-volume users who require video export can contact Sales about our enterprise-level program called Studio. Studio accounts (which include video export) are customized to meet the needs of each customer. That is why there is no way to advertise this plan on the website.

There is absolutely no secrecy regarding your plan or pricing. SitePal is very transparent when it comes to these matters. There are also no unexpected charges, as you should be aware of exactly what you are paying for.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions, or feel free to contact Support (support@sitepal.com), or Sales (sales@sitepal.com) if you are interested in learning more about video export.
So after 3 days and several emails, I still have no idea what it will cost to create a 2 min video and download it as a video file. Looks like I will have to use one of the other sites that can help.
I found a site that does the same as yours, goanimate, costs £1 to download a video and takes minutes from start to finish. Perhaps you need to take a look at their site, you might get a few ideas.
Hi ebaycougar,

Please let us know who you emailed, and we will make sure that you get a response immediately. SitePal is not a video export program. SitePal allows website owners to create professional, feature-rich and fully customize-able avatars and scenes which can interact with website users, improving engagement and conversion rates. There is almost no limit to what SitePal can do for website engagement.

Yes, we are very familiar with the site you mentioned. If you explore GoAnimate, you'll learn that they have a very different service, and serve users with very different needs from the average SitePal user. We encourage you to try out this service - perhaps it will better suit your needs.

Good luck!

This question interests me too because my primary use for Sitepal would be to produce videos for YouTube. Also, an MP4 or AVI file would allow me to add cutaway shots and other scenes into the video.

Hi -

We offer video generation capabilities with the Platinum subscription at extra cost. For more information please send a note to sales@oddcast.com.



So the only way we can download a video is paying for Platinum and then paying the extra cost? Can't we just download it?

Mi poteva interessare se potevo produrre un video mp4 da poter inviare ai miei clienti, ma da quel che ho compreso si tratta di una operazione complicata e abbastanza costosa, non ne vale la pena, ho 15 giorni di prova ma me ne basta uno per capire che il vostro servizio non mi serve e non è adatto al mio profilo d'uso ed alle mie caratteristiche, grazie comunque, saluti Gc.