Can't preview or publish - email option

Jo Williams 11 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 1
The preview and send buttons on the publish page (email option) don't seem to work. They turn orange when I click on them but don't do anything. If I move my cursor off they go back to grey. Can anyone help? Thanks
Jo -
This problem might be due to what's called a "popup blocker" on your browser - preventing these buttons from opening a new window. Sometimes the popup blocker can be too restrictive.

As you click the button, take a close look whether any alert or notice is displayed in the browser (usually at the top of the window) prompting you to "enable popups for this page" - or words to that effect.

If you don't see anything - you might want to take a look at instructions here -

Or - a quick solution might be to use a different browser (if you have one).
Good luck - let me know what worked.

SitePal Team