Text to speech Slovakian language?

sathish thandavan 13 years ago updated by Jesse 13 years ago 1
Dear All,

Slovakian language is not available in Sitepal(Gold membership) from Text to speech method, Is there any possibilities to add the language?

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Hi Sathish,

Thank you for the feedback about making the Slovakian language available in SitePal's text-to-speech feature!

SitePal partners with the industry's top TTS developers to provide our clients with the biggest, latest, and best quality TTS languages and voices available anywhere.

SitePal doesn't actually develop the TTS voices themselves. By partnering with the top providers, we can ensure that our customers have access to the best and newest voices and languages as they become available.

While we can't create a new language, we can certainly suggest them to our TTS partners, and we'll be happy to do so!