Talking avatars in chat

JerryG 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 3
Is there a way to use sitepal as a talking avatar in chat?
Hi Jerry -
sure you can use sitepal avatars to speak the messages.
Just use the 'sayText' API to get the sitepal avatar to speak the messages in real time.
hope this helps,
SitePal Team
Hi Gil,

Thanks for getting back to me! Actually my question was asked wrong so let me try again.

What I was meaning to say was I have seen people use talking avatars during video/voice calls in apps like Skype where when you speak the avatar lip syncs what you are saying during an online conversation in real time. Is there an api for something like this? It is a way where you can be online talking to someone but they don't have to see you at all. Hope this makes sense! I appreciate your help!


Jerry -

If I understand the question correctly - SitePal does not provide a plugin for skype to use its characters for real time speech.
This is actually a cool idea which we have explored a while back, but it was not clear to us how it would benefit our business customers - so we held back.

As you mention - there are other solutions out there for this.
Any thoughts would be welcome.

SitePal Team