How do I send phonetic representations directly?

Horia 11 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 2
I need to create a phonetic tutor and it requires word fragments which can't be specified using plain English.

I tracked one of your voices to NeoSpeech and they document ( http://bit.ly/UTNmzt ) a phonetic API to the voice.

Using < vtml_phoneme> they specify phonetic representations to pe spoken, directly.

How do I use this feature in SitePal?
Interesting question.
Looking into it - will advise.
Horia -
This feature cannot be used in SitePal - at least not the way we have things setup at present.
Our treatment of the input text is setup to support SSML tags - and we treat the text accordingly which is apparently incompatible with supporting other types of tags (such as vtml_phoneme you describe).

I'm sorry I don't have better news.