What does a SitePal account include?

Eva 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 1
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It depends on your package. SitePal currently offers several account packages:
Bronze: the most basic SitePal account. SitePal Bronze includes most features, such as all base models (60+), all backgrounds (250+), up to 2 domains, and more. Bronze does not include SitePal’s text-to-speech function.
Silver: As one of the more popular packages, SitePal Silver includes Bronze's features, as well as more audio streams, Photoface model creation, Text-to-Speech, SitePal’s functional players, the ability to publish scenes to eBay auctions, and more.
Gold: Probably the most popular SitePal account, SitePal Gold includes all of Silver's features, as well as even more audio streams, access to the Artificial Intelligence technology feature, full API support, Flash integration, the ability to remove SitePal branding, and more.
Platinum: This is SitePal’s highest-tier package available on our website. SitePal Platinum includes all Gold features, as well as more audio streams, access to all base and specialty models (250+), unlimited domains, server API, advanced asset management, and more.

If you are looking for even more advanced features, you may contact our sales team.

For an in-depth comparison of SitePal packages you can visit our packages page.