Controlling starting volume on scene playback.

Richard Faller 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 8
I have had this problem for some time now. Some of my visitors have contacted me say that the voice is to loud when they enter my site. I am looking for away to cut the volume down on start up. I was hoping by now that site pal would have a button somewhere when you put the audio in to adjust the volume. Lets say soft, medium and load to choose from.

I am thinking that people are clicking the back button when they get on my site because of this. That clearly is not good. I have been a customer for around 5 years. I hope that it will be another 5.

Thank you
Richard Faller
default settings start-up volume loud


Hi Richard!
SitePal audio playback is set to play at midlevel volume (not too loud or too soft). Those viewers who think it is too loud likely happen to have their speaker volume setup too high. The true measure would be to compare SitePal volume to volume of audio from other sources.

Some time ago we opted not to include "initial volume control" as we were concerned of overcomplicating the product, and possibly creating pitfalls for our customers. We could revisit that decision based on customer input. Additional opinions are welcome.

That said - several options are available to you -
1. You can set the volume via the API. A function is available for this purpose - you would call it on completion of loading, and thus it would affect the speech before it begins. This is not hard to do - just a couple of lines of code to add to your page.
2. You can include a volume control with your Scene (a skin option) - for the user to set the volume. I realize this does not answer your requirement exactly, but it will help those users who find it too loud.
3. If you use recorded audio, you can record the audio softly to begin with. If you upload your audio, be sure *not* to use "enhance audio".

I think option #1 is your best bet - it also allows you to experiment with different volume settings to achieve what you want.
SitePal Team
Specific code you want to add should look as follows.

function vh_sceneLoaded(){

The number 5 can be an integer 0-9.
Let us know if you have any further trouble.
Well it looks like I would have to be a platinum member for that. I am silver.

Plus all my avatars are set full volume. Just to http://bbtjerky.com

The volume bar is all the way up. When I go to a youtube video the volume sounds ok. When I go to my site the site pal blast me out
Richard -
You do not need to be a platinum member to use the client API. All packages support the client API.
We're looking into the default volume issue you raised. Will advise.
Richard -
Your observation is correct. The default volume is in fact set to 100% (and not 50% as I indicated).
To allow you the flexibility you are looking for, we will be introducing a new scene setting "default volume" which will allow you to set the default volume for your Scene. This implementation has been placed on our development schedule - it will be several weeks before it is available.
For an immediate solution, you can use the Javascript code noted above.
Richard -
The new Scene Setting for volume has now been introduced. Please open the "settings" for your Scene - you will find it there (at top left).
Hope this helps,
SitePal Team
Thanks Gil
I assume I will have to put in a new code on my page after setting the volume. So the volume is modified.
No - that will not be necessary.
Modifying Scene Options affects your previously embedded Scene without the need to re-embed.

You may need to clear your browser cache to hear the modified setting.
The SitePal Team