sayText() only says first letter

Eric Johannsen 11 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 7
When I call

sayText("This is the first sentence", 2, 1, 2, 'S', -0.5);

the text spoken is only "T".

When I add an ! to the end

sayText("This is the first sentence!", 2, 1, 2, 'S', -0.5);

the text is spoken normally.

Other sentences that I randomly try seem to work fine. Why doesn't this one?
Hi Eric -
Our QA were not able to recreate the problem, they tried different browsers & platforms. Neither was I - can you clear your cache and try again? If you still see the problem, we'd appreciate more information.
Browser, platform, version of Flash for starters.
Are you using AS api or JS api?
Hi Gil,

I was able to create a simple reproduction case. I will email the HTML code since it seems I cannot post it here. This happens in IE10 with Shockwave Flash Object version 11.6.602.180. Note that this only happens for the specific voice used in the code. If I change the voice ID from 2 to 3, it works just fine.
Eric -
There's most likely a bad audio cached somewhere in the foodchain.

We used your code to put together this simple example -

Works fine for us.Please review & let me know what you hear.
if you still hear the bad audio, even in our example, and even after clearing your browser cache, then that would indicate the audio may be lodged on the Akamai servers - we will need to flush Akamai

Otherwise - if our page sounds ok, but your page does not, please post a link to your page where the problem can be seen & heard.
I hear simply:


using the same browser as before.
Purged audio from Akamai.
Please clear your browser cache and try again.
Worked for me even prior to clearing the local browser cache.
ok - good to know the issue is resolved.