How do I get two AI Scenes to have a conversation?

Jeremy Bailey 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 1
Hello, I'm trying to get two site pal bots to talk to one another using AI for an art project... I'm using the conversation example as a starting point, it almost works but I'm running into two problems.

1. The vh_aiResponse function does not seem to call when parent.iframe2.sayAIResponse is called. Though it seems to be fine if I just call sayAIResponse.

2. The string vh_aiResponse generates seems to stack (grow exponentially) the further along it goes into the switch function of conversation (by case 8 it's out of control long)

to see what I'm talking about see http://jeremybailey.net/container.html

- to help you see what I'm talking about everytime vh_aiResponse is called it will post an alert with it's contents.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Seems like this should be pretty simple but I'm not an expert with JS. I may be missing something stupid, :) Thanks!!!
ok I fixed the duplication in response by passing the variable from iframe2 to iframe1 but airesponses still seem to stack exponentially over time. Any help with how vh_aiResponse works in a scenario like this would be greatly appreciated.