How to loop audio file continuously?

Van Taylor 12 years ago updated by Gil 12 years ago 3
Looping the Audio file. I selected "play on load", "unlimited", and "per session" options. My file only plays once and does not loop continuously. What am I doing wrong?


Your doing everything right! :-)
The feature was not designed to play the audio in a loop.
As the SitePal character delivers human speech - it is designed to mimic human behavior.
People don't often say the same thing repeatedly (when sober :-))

Perhaps if you explained what you are trying to accomplish & your reasoning - I might be able to help.

The "unlimited" "per session" means - that the SitePal Scene will play whenever the page is loaded, even if it is loaded again within the same session.
So for example, if a user visits your home page where SitePal is embedded, then goes to another page on your site, then navigates back to the home page, the Scene will play again.
If you set the playback limit to "once per session" - it will not play again.

Hope this clarifies some
SitePal Team
Hi let me clarify. I am trying to get my music mp3 file to loop. So is this possible?
No - it is not possible. Sorry.