Avatar not loading in Safari MAC

Michael Flynn 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 4
Avatar not loading in Safari MAC with two other avatars. Two pages with 3 or more avatars iframed in never load completely. At least two load, but the third never does. Is there an issue with Safari on a MAC and Sitepal?
Not that we are aware of
1. Try this page on Safari - http://www.sitepal.com
2. send us a note (or post here) the url of your page where this problem can be seen.
It has a login screen. I just tested on my friends computer that has Safari and MAC, and also Chrome on the original computer and they both worked. So there is some kind of conflict with Safari and Flash, or maybe the OS.
Michael -

We need to see the problem to be able to advise.
Perhaps you could send access credentials privately to our support engineers at support@sitepal.com.

From your description above sounds like the problem did not happen on Mac Safari on your friends' computer. So is it possible the problem is specific to your own Mac? Could be a configuration problem or corrupt files in cache (happens)

Try and clear your cache - if problem still happens please provide us with access.

I did the updates on the MAC, which included a Safari update. This fixed the problem so I can't tell you exactly why it happened in the first place.