Cursor moving problem

Nishat 12 years ago updated by Gil 12 years ago 2
I switch the window after loading sitpal on previous window.
When i move mouse on new window it givs following error on following function:

Error: (Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to get value of the property 'offsetLeft': object is null or undefined)

function AnchorPosition_getPageOffsetLeft (el) {
var ol=el.offsetLeft;
while ((el=el.offsetParent) != null) { ol += el.offsetLeft; }
return ol;


Nishat -

looking into it.
Can you please post a link to your page (the page in which sitepal scene is embedded)?
Also - which browser are you using?

SitePal Team
Nishat -

We are unable to recreate this problem, nor have we received any other report of this nature - at any time that I can recall.
This is likely a problem specific to your page

If you could post a link to your page, that would allow us to look into it further.
SitePal Team