Translation Error!

taewong 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 8
You get an Translation Error! on every text you translate. Can you fix this bug for you.
Yes we know
Google started charging for their translation api - and we are still thinking about whether it is worth paying for

The current implementation will now work only for the first 100,000 translations every day.

Given that this is a free service we created for fun - we are not yet sure we can afford to pay google for it...
As I tried to explain -
What you are seeing is Google's way of asking for payment.
it is not a strictly speaking a bug.

We are thinking of taking down the translation demo.
That will fix the bug :-)

SitePal Team
Thanks Gil for reporting it. You need to pay Google.
Thank you for your feedback.
You get the same error.
Thanks again for your feedback.
The translation demo will be taken down shortly.

Unfortunately due to Google's decision to charge for their translation APIs we can no longer support this free demo.

If you are interested in this functionality for your online business or website, we could discuss a commercial implementation for you. Please feel free to contact sales@sitepal.com.

Sorry I don't have better news.
SitePal Team
Can you support this free demo so the team can pay Google to get this again.