Smile detection for avatars?

Oscar Deniz Suarez 12 years ago updated 12 years ago 4


Oscar - that's very cool - we do have our own face detection (and smile detection) technology - but how would you have this used with our SitePal Avatars?
SitePal Team
Hi Gil,

The smile level measurement plus face position plus head pose estimation are all useful cues for enriching interaction, All of them can be achieved with computer vision.

On the other hand, trainers can be developed for hospitality jobs.Smiles are much more important than we think.

Absolutely - smiles are important without question.

That's why we have developed a developers API for face detection, blink detection and smile detection. Developers can (and do) use this technology for purposes such as you describe.

These technologies are not a part of SitePal product, but are offered through Oddcast, our parent company. See more here -

Yes of course.
Can I ask what frame rate does your face Api achieves on a low end laptop?
Can it measure smile level? I.e. Not just a binary detection