AI Bot Editor issue

ellenvines 11 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 1
Hi, I uploaded two files (000_conceptss.aiml and 000_conceptsss.aiml to the AIML editor and now I can't seem to find them. I know they are in there because I can see them when I compile. This is under my "Virtual Assistant" Bot. Suggestions?

Also, I have 3 bots. Where do I go in the AI player to assign the Bot ID so it used that Bots concepts? I can't seem to find it.

Ellen -
The selection of the specific bots is currently only possible via the API. We intend to update the editor to introduce this attribute in the UI (settings of the AI Player) - this will take some time.

Regarding your missing aiml files - can you send your account info and a description of the problem to our support - support@sitepal.com - and we will look into.