AIMC Base x Languages

Luciano Lima 12 years ago updated by Gil 12 years ago 3
how can I add portuguese AIML sets to the AI Knowledge Base on the AIMC correctly?


Luciano -

We do support non-English AIML - but we do not have default knowledge base AIML files for you to use as a "starter" in any language but English.

To construct a knowledge base in Portuguese, you need to remove all of the default AIML files from your account & start afresh. To do that click on "edit" from the main menu and then click on "3 - Edit AIML File System".
Delete the AIML files one by one, and then upload your own AIML files with relevant knowledge in Portuguese.

Creating a meaningful knowledge base (in any language) can be very time consuming. You might want to search the web for an existing AIML data set in Portuguese to use as a starter.

Hope this helps,

I have uploaded a set of AIML files with the relevant knowledge in Portuguese but I hadn't removed all the default AIML sets. I will do that and post the result here.

Thanks for the tip!
Glad to be able to help.
also - I noticed that alicebot offers a default Potuguese knowledge base here -
take a look,