How do I get rid of the Site Pal pre-loader? Thanks.

onlyforjesusmedia 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 9
I have Silver account. I can't afford any higher levels. Can someone tell me how do I get rid of the SitePal pre-loader?



I'm afraid you would need to upgrade to Gold.

The Gold account allows removal of SitePal branding
The Platinum account allows introducing your own branding.
For Silver - due to the relatively low cost, we retain the branding - though we attempted to make it discrete.

SitePal Team
I upgraded to Gold last night, but can you downgrade to Silver because I see the circle pre-loader still shows. I do not want a pre-loader at all. The circle pre-loader distracts the web page. I might as well have left it at Silver. Can you credit the $20 back to my credit card? Thanks.
Hi -
After upgrading to gold you need to go to "Account Info" and click on "Loader Settings" to remove the branding.
Hope this helps,

I did that, but it still shows the circle pre-loader. I don't want to branding or circle. I just want it to be clear and the scene to start on web page upload. Can you just downgrade back to Silver because I can't afford the Gold package anyway?
Of course - if that's your preference
Please send a note to support@sitepal.com & we will take care of it right away.

That said - I'm troubled by your experience (that the branding was not removed) - we will be looking into it.
please try clearing your browser cache and see if the branded loader disappears.
Hi -
Our QA department reviewed the branding removal functionality - and it works correctly per our review.

You do need however to clear browser cache to experience the change. I'm fairly certain that was the reason for the problem you experienced.

Please let me know if you still see the branded loader after clearing your cache.