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Development -Information needed

Fathi 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

I would like to know if it is possible for the Avatar/bot to do the following:

- Open a map after the text to speech or speech to text ?


Location of our system is in an Exhibition (Use of smart devices/touch screen) "Kiosks in addition, on a website"


Customer asks: Where is Exhibit of X booth located in this exhibit center

Avatar/Bot answer ( both voice and text) answer : You will need to go straight and turn right at the end and turn left by the 3rd door. In the chat/communication box after the text "Click here to view map of the exhibition booth layout).

Once the "click here" is clicked a map of the exhibition center layout of where each booth are located to be displayed.

We will provide all needed information such as Map layout, Q & A ..etc
  • Can the above be done? If so what is required?
  • Do you have internal developers/programmers who we can work with ?
  • What is the cost for such features ? and time frame required for such developed ?

Under review

Hi Fathi -

Like any Q&A system - It is easy to program your SitePal character to answer questions if they are listed/known in advance for the user to select from.

So - if you present the viewer with a list of FAQs for them to select - then your SitePal character can be easily programmed to speak the appropriate audio.

The SitePal character can also be programmed to open a map or image or any other link when they are done speaking.

The more difficult part is doing natural language interpretation - understanding people's verbal questions, and matching them with pre-created responses.

This difficulty is not specific to SitePal. The are solutions out there - search the web for 'natural language recognition'.

Any web developer should find it simple to integrate with SitePal - and we are happy to provide support, including detailed technical support, which is available to all SitePal customers at no extra cost.

We do not engage in custom development for our customers though.

Hope this helps.



Thank you Gil,

I will have other questions in the next few days