AI function

nonamela 12 years ago updated by Gil 12 years ago 1
I follow the tutorial on AIMC, I manage to finish everything until deploying my bots,
However when I check the bots on my Pandorabots, its doesnt speak. So what do you think the problem is?
Hi -

I'll try to clarify.
There are two separate & distinct ways to create a speaking AI "bot".

1. Using AIMC, after creating your bot's knowledge base (or logic) - you publish the speaking bot via SitePal (nothing to do with Pandorabots)
To do so - you can either use an AI "Player" (select in the editor) - or use the Client API (sayAIResponse)

2. if you would rather use Pandorabots (not AIMC) to create the Bot's logic - you can publish your bot with a SitePal speaking character from within Pandorabots. To do so, your SitePal and Pandorabots accounts must be linked.
This is automatic if you purchase your SitePal account on the Pandorabots site.
But if you purchased the SitePal account on the SitePal site - as most people do - we can help & link the two accounts for you. Send a note to support@sitepal.com with your pandorabots account id.

From your question it would seem that #1 would be best for you.
Hope this helps,
SitePal Team