Link Setting Confusion

Vivian Watson 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 5
I'm setting up my scene options and I don't understand The Link To:
it states:
This segment should NOT contain the site where the character is going to be published

Do I use this link?
Hi Vivian -
The "Link Settings" is an optional feature which allows you to setup a link that will be opened when the user clicks on your SitePal, or when your SitePal character speaks.
This feature can be used to allow your SitePal to refer to related content, i.e. -
"Click on me to learn more".

The note at the bottom is meant to avoid an "infinite loop"
For example:
If your SitePal is embedded in your web page at - www.mysite.com/abc
then clicking on your SitePal should not lead to the same page, but to any other page of your choice.

I'm sorry if our instructions were not clear enough.
Hope this helps - let me know if any questions.
Wow Gil, I'm usually pretty good with new software, but I'm just not getting it. When I set up the Link Setting, I just put the odd cast url there, and the scenes are showing up fine on my blog.

But I'm guessing that I'm doing something wrong if I want my visitors to be counted as referred by my affiliate code.

To add to my confusion - I tried to publish to FB and got a 404 error.

Wish y'all had live help.
Vivian -
"The Link" is where your site visitor is directed when he or she clicks on your SitePal character.

Sure, you can use the Oddcast site, or Google site, or any site that you like as "the Link" - but why would you? The Link would normally point to a location related to the content of your character's speech.

example: The SitePal character in my blog might say - "I'm Gil, I live in NY, and I've been blogging for 12 years. Click on me to find out more about me". And "the Link" would be set to my bio page. A user who would click on my SitePal character would thus be directed to my bio page.

Hope this helps. We'll look into the publish to FB right away and advise.
Ah ha! Now I understand!

I think the confusion for me was that- it states not to link it to where the toons are published - it means that specific page or post, not the site as a whole. That makes much more sense now.

Thank you!
Time to make some adjustments!
Vivian -
We looked into publish to Facebook - and we did not encounter a problem. Please try again - perhaps problem was affected by temporary internet connectivity lapse. If you still see a problem would be great if you could provide more information to help us understand exactly what happened.