registration problem

Fabrice 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 5

i don't manage to register.

When i fill the registration page fields, the fields would be reinitialized and nothing happens.

I checked the required configuration and my mac is ok.

Any advice?

Thank you.
Dear Fabrice,
Please try to clear cache-cookies from the browser.
Also, send us a note(support@sitepal.com) about the package you are interested in: http://sitepal.com/packages

Hello Sumit,

I tried several times but nothing would get better.
Sometimes, it goes to the following page where the shopping cart is displayed but it comes empty, as if i had not selected any package before i accessed the registration form.
Is there any option i should tick in Safari preferences?
I don't see the clue of this.

Thanks for your support.
In addition to my previous message, please notice that i've also tried on another Mac and my PC at work, would not work properly either.
Please let me know for any clue.
Thank you,
Hi Fabrice,

Click on this link : http://sitepal.com/packages/
Then click on green tab "15 days free trial" select your plan, Fill out the form.

Send me a note at support@sitepal.com with details of the package you want to register. I will create manually for you.


I've tried many possibilities to go thru the registration workflow, from my Mac, another one, other PCs at work, it would not work properly. Is an issue being reported to you regarding this topic and do you face a problem with other users? Is it something doing with the firewalls? security assets?

I'm asking you, i'm working in computers, mainly IBM mainframes but sometimes i have softwares & network issues to handle :)

I find it pretty strange because i would just not have to face this kind of problem on a commercial site like yours, mostly when you're shown as the leader over the whole internet.