Loading external swfs for Adobe AIR 3.7 running on IOS

Adam Odessky 11 years ago updated 11 years ago 2
Hi guys,

Air 3.7 is coming out and has some ability to load external swfs for rendering on ios. http://labsdownload.adobe.com/pub/lab...

Having played with Sitepal for quite a bit, I know that it currently requires an external swf to be loaded at run time in order to dynamically execute speak methods. As you probably know ios does not allow external ABC (AS3 Byte Code) swfs. With air 3.7 however, it may be possible to compile an external swf and then make a stripped swf available so that it can run on a remote server, like Oddcasts for developers to use with AIR apps. It would be interesting for you to consider supporting such a scheme to bring dynamic avatar execution to ios without changing much on your end (I hope!).

If this is possible and if you're interesting in doing this, I'd love to experiment with you guys and be your guinea pig.

Adam -
We'd love to experiment with you!
I'll look into what (if anything) we can do on this front given our other priorities - and get back to you.
Great, looking forward. Another option is to have the swf, in your case vhss_v5.swf hosted on the local implementation of the air application (that is supported as of AIR 3.6), however I'm sure there are security and other Socket related permissions that need to be configured in order for the swf to communicate with other parts of your backend remotely.