How can I remove the SitePal branding?

Eva 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 8
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Hi Jason,

To remove the SitePal logo from the SitePal loader (what shows up when a scene is loading), simply log in and go to: Account Info >> Account Settings >> Loader Settings >> Remove Loader Branding.

Please note that this feature is available from the Gold package and higher.
OK, but how do we remove the sitepal logo from the actual players???
Jason -
There should not be a logo on the player - only in the loader.
Can you post a link to your site - where we can see the SitePal logo displayed - and advise further?
Sure, here it is: http://www.pensaweb.com/banners

I have tried several layout types, including the AI, the FAQS, and standard banners. They all have a sitepal logo.

Im glad this is at least not supposed to be there! I was afraid that there would be no way to remove it. I hope its just a bug or something lOL

thanks for your quick response Gil!
Jason -
The branding on the player has been removed from your account (clear your browser cache before reloading the page).

This was/is indeed a bug.
Limited "Basic" accounts (provided through some of our partners) are the only SitePal accounts that display branding on the player.
Your account was initially created as a "Basic" account. Once you upgraded your account, the branding should have been automatically removed - but was not.

We will address this problem asap to avoid other customers being affected as you were. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Hey Gil! Very sweet, thanks a bunch for fixing it so fast!

I am soooo glad I upgraded! LOL
Has this "bug" issue been completely resolved?
I'm sorry to say that not yet.
We're on it - it is on our priority list.

please send a note to support@sitepal.com & we will immediately correct for your account.

SitePal Team