my website is non-profit and no-ads, i wish it was not required to advertise your wonderful product on my website unless one orders the highest-cost packages

stephen thor 11 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 1

you appear to have a fun and useful service. there is one thing however, in that i do not care to have the sitepal logo on my website. i understand you have to make money like anyone else and think it is certainly appropriate to have the logo displayed if it was free, or even the first level package, but for silver and up when the customer is paying for the service i do not see the need to advertise your company. on my website, if anyone is going to be advertised it is going to be MY product. i have a non-profit, no-ad website and i would like to keep it this way without having to go the the highest-cost packages. just my opinion.
Stephen -
I understand where you are coming from. We often go the extra mile for our non-profit customers. Please send a note to sales@sitepal.com with a link to this post - and we will advise how we can help.
The SitePal Team