How can I publish SitePal on Facebook?

Eva 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 1
I'd like to share my SitePal scene with my friends (and fans). How can I do this?
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Currently, there are a couple of ways to publish a SitePal scene to Facebook. We’re currently working on even more Facebook posting options.

First, you can post a scene to your Facebook fan page (in a new tab). For instructions on doing that, go here. You may want to update these instructions to suit the size you would like your scene to be. For an example, see SitePal’s Facebook Page.

You can also publish a SitePal scene to your Facebook Wall (in your Facebook profile). After logging in to your account, you will see all of your saved scenes. Choose the scene you’d like to publish to Facebook and click the Publish button. Make sure you are logged in to Facebook. Then, select “Embed in Facebook.” A Facebook popup will open and all you need to do is click “Share.” That's it!

Tip: Make sure your scene has a title and it will appear automatically when you publish to Facebook.