PowerPoint with Dynamic Content

Eric Johannsen 11 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 3
We are considering using SitePal to have the website read reviews that our customers are particularly interested in, from a selection of around 250,000 reviews. A very small number of the reviews will actually ever be read.

We wish to add a feature to export a small number of reviews to PowerPoint. It seems this is easy to do for static scenes


However, that approach requires the No Javascript publishing option. If we had static scenes, we would use Office automation to generate the powerpoint file using the basic approach outlined in that link.

Is there an option to embed a scene with dynamic text (specified using JavaScript) into Powerpoint?

If not, is there an API we could use to programatically create a static scene for embedding once the user selects the actual text they wish to have spoken?
The latter.
Our Server API allows you to generate Scenes and dynamically generate TTS audio to be assigned to each new Scene.
See -
and see reference here -

The Server API is available to Platinum accounts. Is that an option for you?
The Platinum level is a huge step up in price just to get access to Server APIs. I doubt I could cost justify that much of an increase. If there were a step more expensive than Gold (but not 6x what Gold costs) that included the Server APIs it would be doable.

Platinum seems designed for folks with high volume and lots of websites. That's not us. Can we work out special pricing that includes the Server APIs but does not have the unlimited domains or unlimited streams?
Sounds doable.
Eric - please send a note to sales@sitepal.com & include a link to this thread and we will work it out.