Can't create my 3d avatar

Rivqa 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 4
Hi I'm trying to create a 3d avatar and it keeps timing out. Last time this happened it was because I was using a gif and had to change to jpeg. This time I am careful to use a jpeg. What could be the problem? thanks
Hi Rivka -
I assume this is the image you are trying to use
It is not a very good candidate photo - face looking sideways, shadows over the face (non-uniform lighting) and forehead is obscured.
Also, the hat is protruding far and wide - all of which may cause sub-par results.
That said - it should not time out. So we're looking into the timeout & will advise.
At the same time please see if you can find a better image to use.
Dear Rivqa,
Please try to resize the JPEG image, File size limit is 8MB.
Let me know if you still having the problem.

Thanks in meantime I will try to find a more suitable image. It is second I have tried. Forgot to mention that.
Thank you I will try resizing and if that doesn't work onto another image.