Problems with examples on Ipad and Iphone.

Josef Rybák 12 years ago updated by Gil 12 years ago 3
Hello, some examples (http://www.oddcast.com/support/time_g... and http://www.oddcast.com/support/sayTex... and http://www.oddcast.com/support/sayMul...) are not working properly on Iphone and Ipad. Avatar not speaking or is not saying that he should. Can you give me a solution how to run avatar api on Iphone and Ipad?


Josef -

The API can not work on iOS devices - because iOS does not support Flash.

We implemented video playback for iOS to be able to display the SitePal character. The video solution works great but cannot support the dynamic API functionality.

Some of our clients implemented alternative solutions for iOS - where their page loads different Scenes depending on what they want spoken, thereby sidestepping the need to use the API. This is an imperfect solution - as it cannot replace all API functionality.

Other SitePal customers dynamically create Scenes using the server API (available to platinum customers).

I hope this helps some..
SitePal Team
Thank you for your answer Gil. I am testing "imperfect solution" via server API that you wrote. I have some troubles with it:
1) I made testing scene with mngAddScene with my own text filled in. I can see this new scene in administration and when I test it on desktop it works fine.
2) I tryed to play this scene on iPhone but I got this error "The requested URL ...video/video_2267075.mp4 was not found on server ....".
3) I have clicked on "edit scene" in administration, then clicked on "Audios" tab and I can see audio line with text I made in step 1. It looks already chosen but I clicked it anyway and then I have saved this scene.
4) now I tryed it on iPhone and it works fine.

I need it to work without step 3... Can you help me please?
Josef -
A few quick thoughts -

#2 - The video takes about 2 minutes to generate after the Scene is created or modified. (according to one customer up to 5 min..).
If you try after several minutes - is the video still missing? Let me know and we will look into it if it is.
fyi - we are looking to introduce a callback API to advise of video generation completion. This update is in the works and should be made available as part of the Server API later this month.

#4 - please try this process again - only this time do not re-save the scene (it should not be necessary) but wait a couple of minutes
Step #3 should not be necessary...
Let me know