Blurry Backgrounds

Jazon Samillano 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 3
Hey guys. I notice that all background images are rendered blurry on my scenes. My scenes are 600x450, and any background image I upload, no matter the resolution, are rendered blurry. I also notice that all SitePal provided backgrounds are blurry too (i. e. http://www.xmarter.com/tibco-videos/t.... Is there a way to make the background sharper? Thanks.


Silly Facebook corrupted the link I posted on the question above. Here's the shortened version: http://bit.ly/hBtqib
Hi Jazon,
SitePal transcodes your uploaded background to an internal format & size to optimize bandwidth use on playback.
We have recently looked at tweaking this mechanism to improve the visual quality when the scene is displayed larger. An update will be implemented in the coming weeks.
Jazon -
We implemented an update to improve the quality of all uploaded backgrounds. This update will only affect backgrounds uploaded/added from here on.

Backgrounds added prior to today are not affected by this update. Oddcast built-in stock backgrounds are also not affected. We haven't decided whether to update them.

I see that you are using a stock background - so this update will unfortunately not immediately help you unless you upload your own background.