What "Length" can my audios be, is there a max time?

Nick Hetcher 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 4
How "long" (in terms of seconds or minutes) can my audios be? I'm planning on doing newscasts and would need up to 5 minutes each.
Hi Nick -
Each audio is limited to 90 sec.
But it is possible to string together several audios for consecutive playback, by using our API.

Also -
Our Studio product support multiple Scene sequences without the need to use any programming.

for more information please send a note to support@sitepal.com or sales@sitepal.com

SitePal Team
Hi Gil,

If I use say, 3 "strings" of 90 seconds of audio (I upload from my computer for example), and use them for one newscast, does that count as "one" or three" "streams" towards my monthly limit? Thanks.
Hi Nick,
That would count as 3 streams in your account. We keep this 90 second limit to make sure that your audios are streaming quickly and to preserve lip sync quality.
Here is an example of how the implementation would be coded in a SitePal account.

SitePal Team
Thanks Dan and Gil. I really appreciate the fast responses.