Facebook Message Playback Issue

Vasko Suleski 11 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 3

I published a scene to a Facebook message and when the recipient tried opening the link, it says "Sorry, this video cannot be played. Cannot play video." So, I tried on my phone and receive the same message.

Any ideas??
Vasko -
Can you send SitePal (on facebook) the same message?
I'd like to look at it.
SitePal Team
No, when I tried to send it to them, it did not work. I published the scene to Facebook and chose 'send a private message from the dropdown list'.

When I enter SitePal into the To: section, it cannot locate SitePal because they are not in my contacts. I liked the SitePal page and I still cannot send it to you.

It is not opening on mobile, is that because it is a flash file?
Vasco -
We're looking into it. Will advise.