Adding 3d speaking Avatar in iOS apps

Prabakar MP 11 years ago updated by Gil 11 years ago 1
Hi, I am Prabakar. I am developing an iPad native application using Apple's Xcode & Objective C language. I am developing a 3d application, so i'm using "Blender" 3d editor to create 3d models and then export the created 3d models into my iOS application through Cocos3d-iOS framework. I am having a Human blender 3d model in my iPad app exported and want to have him talking (speak animation, lipsync animation) in the iPad app. I would like to know, Would your solution support creating such human 3d models with talking animation and can be used in the iPad application programmatically or any other approach? As this is very urgent requirement for me, Please advise as soon as possible!
Thank you.
Unfortunately this capability is not available at this time.
We are working on a new generation of characters that could be used in non-Flash environments, but these are not yet available.