Voice goes out of synch with the avatar

valsassina tv 13 years ago updated by Gil 13 years ago 4
When the avatar is displayed in big format (e.g. 960x720), higher performance are required to the pc (on a lot of PCs the voice goes out of synch with the avatar).
Try http://www.televalsassina.com/Valsass...
What are the minimun PC requirements to suppurt avatar streaming in 960x720 format?
Hi -
I can not say exactly - but the problem you describe does not seem to occur on more 'current' computers.

We tried it on several different computers - not necessarily the latest and most powerful - and we did not see a problem.

Please let me know what your observation suggests.
Hi Gil,
I,ve just bought a Mini PC ACER Veriton N281G and I've the same problem with the page (voice and avatar are not synchronised).


It works with smaller avatar size. Is it normal that the behaviour changes with the size of the avatar?
Hi -
I reviewed the Scene and it worked fine for me.

However - note that when the embed dimensions are increased, playback of the scene requires more computer resources. Specifically - playback becomes more challenging for the graphics card - as it needs to animate more pixels.

This is not a problem for "normal" embed sizes - but for very large sizes and for slower computers (or computers with very limited graphics abilities) it can be a challenge to keep animating at the required speed.

The Mini PC Acer is a low-end laptop with limited graphics ability. It also comes with limited memory - that must be why you are seeing a problem.
Hope this helps,

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