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david edoja 13 years ago updated by NewU 6 years ago 40
We are developing a mobile app and would like to use a SitePal avatar, but with the iPhone and iPad not supporting Flash, is there development plans for the avatar to also work with HTML5
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The SitePal development team is working on delivery methods for this new medium. An official timeline has not yet been released, but this project is definitely in the sites of our R&D team.
Wow! Great! I'm partner of Sitepal Avatar! Do you know the date of release or is possible to test the HTML5 version? :-)

As I see, there is no update in this topic for six months now.
Since my company is interested in HTML5 implementation of Sitepal's technology, can you please update us on this?
And another 3 months go by without this topic updated... is it going to happen in the next 2 months?
Any progress on html5?
Me too. Flash is getting more and more irrelevant. Looking forward to an implementation that renders avatars on HTML5's Canvas or in SVG. If you need beta testers, I'm willing to become one.
Hello Torbjorn Lagerl Where you able to beta test? If so, how was your experience. Thanks!
Do you have an update on this yet. Without the use of HTML5, our avatar has become primitive.
I too badly need to be able to deploy in HTML5. the number of consumers accessing our application via iOS mobile devices has risen 500% in the last 18 months. Not having the avatar limits the effectiveness of our app.
Hello Matthew Hill. I am considering using SitePal avatars in my mobile app. How has your experience been? Thanks!
Is Sitepal for mobiles available yet? This is a deal-breaker...
Yes it is available.
As you may have noticed/heard, and to bring this thread full circle, the new Full Body characters have launched several weeks ago.
The new characters are available to all SitePal customers, for all package levels. To try out the new characters, login to your account, and click on "Add Scene" - then select the Full Body scene type. Edit and publish your scene as you would any other scene (the editing options are different of course).

The new Full Body characters are mobile compatible, and they fully support the SitePal client API, with two exceptions -
1. setVolume does not work
2. playing an audio automatically when the page loads does not work - the character will appear, but the user must click on the play button or on some button that you create (and call the API).
Both issues are due to mobile browser limitations.

If you notice any problems or have comments - please let me know by posting here or write to support@sitepal.com

Is there a way to partner with other SitePal developers developing for mobile devices?
Hi -
Posting here on the forum might be a good way to start.
We do not track our developers and could not give you a list.
Let me know how goes - I'd be interested to know.

Meanwhile - if you have questions about your development effort let us know - either here or by sending a note to support@sitepal.com

The Sitepal Team

We want to move away from Flash to HTML 5 as well. Is this something SitePal can assist with? What do we need to do to get this done? Thanks

Hi Larry -

We are in the final stages of testing our new HTML5 characters.

The HTML5 characters will work in exactly the same way as the current Flash characters.

Flash will no longer be used.

This update is weeks away from launch.

There will be nothing for you to do.

If you are using our Javascript embed code (which is the default) - then your SitePal characters will automatically migrate to HTML5 playback. The process will be transparent.

The one exception is with the "functional players". If your scene is using any the AI, FAQ or Lead Gen players, that Scene will remain in Flash. The "functional players" are being deprecated and should no longer be used. We will introduce corresponding non-flash solutions over time.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for the response. How can I tell if what I have is considered a SitePal "functional player" ? I have a small screen shot of what I see.


Larry -

This does not look like any of our functional players. If you could post a link to your page I'll look at it and be able to confirm.

Thanks. It is an internal site, so i will double check with our developers.

Quick question. The HTML5 avatar works fine on my editorial server (I can view avatar and hear the TTS), but on my delivery server while the avatar looks fine, the TTS does not work. Any thoughts as to why it would work in one environment and not the other? Thanks

Larry -

This is most likely due to failure to specify a licensed domain.

Dynamic TTS (eg sayText API call) requires specifying the domain in which the SitePal character will be used. This is a security measure designed to protect your account.

Goto your "Account Info" page to update your licensed domains.

Hope this helps,


I see the URL already on the list for my licensed domains. In further testing, it is only TTS using IE 11 that does not work on this server. The TTS works with Firefox and Chrome whne accessing the same content from this server.

Would you know why this would be the case?


OK thanks for the clarification. We will look into it and advise.

Larry -

We've identified a problem affecting dynamic TTS in IE11. This problem was introduced this morning and only affects our 3D characters. We will likely have a solution tomorrow. In the meantime, if you wanted to update your SitePal character to a 2D character that could be a temporary workaround.



Thank you for the reply. I can recheck tomorrow once the solution is in place. Can you contact me when it is in place so that I can test it?


As an FYI we did notice this issue yesterday as well.

Do you have an update on this issue for me? Thanks

Do you have an update on this issue for me? Thanks

Hi Larry -

We are still working on it. Taking a bit longer than we thought.

It will be resolved asap. Will advise.


Is there any update?


Larry -

We're still working on it. Will advise.


Can I get an update?


Larry - the problem seems to occur only on IE11 on specific computers - and we are trying to gain access to a computer which demonstrates the problem for our engineer to debug. Unfortunately problem does not happen on any system in our offices. That's the main source of delay at the moment.

Though we have made some changes, they did not seem to resove the problem.

We are still on it.

Larry -

We believe this issue is due to a "bad" or outdated IE 11 installation on a specific computer.

Reinstalling IE and upgrading it to the latest version of IE 11 seems to resolve the problem.

We have tested extensively on multiple computers with the same configuration and it works fine everywhere.

Here is the link to upgrade your IE: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/Internet-Explorer-11-for-Windows-7-details.aspx

Please try and let me know if the problem is resolved.

Best regards,



I am trying to make Sitepal work on mobile devices. I started with the simplest thing: your home page. When I go to sitepal.com on my phone and click on the "play" button of the full body avatar on the button left of the page nothing happens

Please advise.

Hi - this is odd, we're looking into it.

Note that we have dozens of technical examples available on our support page, and they work fine on mobile.


You mention you were 'trying to get it to work on mobile'. If you've run into a problem, please share with us your test page where the problem is evident, and we will advise.

You can send it to support@sitepal.com.



Hi again - 

We looked into it. The implementation on the SitePal site works as expected. 

It does not speak when initially loaded, because Mobile browsers prevent autonomous playback (without the user interacting with the page.

It does not speak when you press the play button because no audio is assigned to the Scene (all speech is programmed dynamically).

There are speaking characters on almost every page in the SitePal site, try those on your mobile device.

Please look at our many api examples as well on your mobile device.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your answer. 

In my scenario text is loaded dynamically and should be spoken when avatar loads. You mentioned:

" the character will appear, but the user must click on the play button or on some button that you create (and call the API)."

1. Can you please elaborate as to what API function should be called once the button is pressed?

2. What would you advise me for my scenario? A "Click here to start" button that calls that API function (of my first question)?

Thank you in advance!