Sitepal Platinum API Malfunction and Billing Issue

fred lewis 13 years ago updated 13 years ago 5
We have an issue regarding payment. Back on the 25th I upgraded my sitepal account to the platinum plan, under the belief that I had a 15 day grace period to evaluate the new plan and to make a final decision. However I was only given 5 days to evaluate the plan because yesterday my credit card was billed for $249 for the platinum plan. Another issue is that the API offered by the Platinum plan is not functioning properly, so I'm in effect being charged for a sitepal component that is known to be malfunctioning.

We have encountered quite a lot of software bugs/malfunctions with your Sitepal service using both the Gold and Platinum plans from the beginning. For the time being, I would like Sitepal to reverse the charges to my credit card until the API is functioning properly and until we have had a full 15 day to properly evaluate the fully functioning API.

Cheers... fred lewis
Hi Fred -
Note that the upgrade mechanism is not designed to restart the clock on the 15 day free trial. Meaning: your CC was charged 15 days from the start of the trial period - regardless of when you upgraded to Platinum.

That said - we will provide an immediate refund and a fresh 15 day free trial period starting today.

I noticed that in an earlier post you brought to our attention a problem with the Server API. I had thought the problem was addressed? I will follow up in that thread.

Regardless - if you still encounter a problem 15 days from now - let us know and we will hold off charges until the problem is fixed.
SitePal Team
Fred -
I verified that the Server API problem with mngEditScene that you reported on Friday has been fixed.
Please let me know if you still experience the problem or encounter any other issue.

The API bug we mentioned previously has been fixed, thanks.

Our organization "Hope Street", is a non profit, humanitarian services organization. Currently, we use the Sitepal server api for our system called "HopeNet". HopeNet is a free web based, collaborative social-evolution software used by public elementary schools. It serves as a study and research website for the 7 - 12 year old children whom we refer to as the "Hopefuls".

Among its many services, Hopenet provides a social networking service to the Hopefuls, where they can edit their profiles as well as visit the profiles of other Hopefuls. We have added the Sitepal Scene service to the Hopefuls profile pages and we are able to create a unique scene for each of our members and we hope to configure it so that the Hopefuls can easily edit their own scenes. In this regard can we use the Server API to hide the Audios and Players tabs within the scene editor when the Hopefuls edit their scenes.

W would also like to be able to give each scene its own unique properties/personality. For example can one scene be named "Anna" while the other is "Joe"? and can these scenes respond to questions with unique responses whereas one scene would be from the USA and another the Philippines etc etc. Our developer has looked at the Pandorabots tutorial but he has told us that "its just a tutorial on how to handle AIML script recognizing only one bot name."

Cheers... fred
Hi Fred -
It is not possible to selectively hide editor functions within the SitePal editor.
But there is another developer product from Oddcast (our parent company) that allows you to do just that.
It is called the "Avatar Framework" and is designed to allow 3rd parties to implement personal avatar editing for individual users. Also, stylistically it is aimed at consumers (i.e. kids, teens) and not for business use, so the editor as well as the available characters are a lot more "fun".

With Avatar Framework each user launches the editor in his/her own virtual account, so the user sees only his own assets (i.e. previously recorded audios, avatars). You can also setup editor "configuration" profiles - to launch the editor with a subset of features (i.e. no audio record)
Seems tailor made for the purpose you have in mind.

Several social networks use Avatar Framework to enable their users to create personal speaking avatars.

As for connecting the users' speaking characters to individual personal bots - you should be able to accomplish that using a 3rd party solution (such as Pandorabots) - as the Avatar Framework characters do support dynamic TTS through client side API.

See more information here -

To find out more pls send a note to sales@oddcast.com - best to schedule a technical conf call to discuss the specifics & advise further.
Morning Gil,

Thanks for the info. We are scheduling a conference call with your CTO, hopefully this evening.

In case you are curious how we are implementing SitePal into HopeNet you can go to http://www.firsthopecorps.org/home Click on the login button and then the "visitors click here" link. Then click on the Launch HopeNet button. After the flash movie, the landing page/HUD will appear; and then you can go to the HopeNet Accounts pop-up menu (in the top right of the page) and then click on My Profile - scroll down and click the "Launch My Profile" button and in the top left corner the Sitepal Scene will appear.

Cheers... fred